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New Project Comments

  1. MaryD
  2. Mark Carew
    Super cool man these turned out great! I was thinking that maybe you could do a brass branding iron with this same concept?
  3. rokasni
    Congratulations, nice work. The material you passed at first what is it and why did you pass it? For color does anything?
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  4. Mark Carew
  5. rokasni
  6. rokasni
  7. rokasni
  8. rokasni
    Nice designs, thumbs up. Good Christmas to everyone.
  9. Ariel Yahni
  10. Mark Carew
  11. MaryD
  12. MaryD
    I bet these would be nice in brass too.
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  13. rokasni
    I am uploading the DXF files.
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  14. Tracy Ranson
    I like this box project, it's AWESOME. This project brings back fond memories of a 36 hour project I did and may share when I get a moment to remake some boxes. I received my 15 minutes of fame designing and making two sets of 3 nesting boxes...
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  15. Michiglenn
    Ariel, you're gonna have to tell me about these k40 mods, that's something I've been wanting to buy and mod lately. This technique is great, thanks for sharing!
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  16. Mark Carew
    Great idea on the hole reduction plates that hinge out of the way when not needed! :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing the pictures, can you also share the file for cutting out please.
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  17. Mark Carew
    Nice one Giarc Another problem solved with the help of the CNC! :) Thank your for sharing
  18. HC.Carbo
    attached .stl files (from f360 to stl)
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