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  1. hixnhix
    hixnhix Rick 2.0
    i bought AN ARCO SYSTEM with a cnc xpro controller can you tell me the right direction to plug the wiring to the board contoller
    1. Rick 2.0
      Rick 2.0
      No, I can't. I have no experience with either the system or the controller. Try posting on the ACRO thread where someone who has built one might have an answer.
      Aug 13, 2018 at 4:44 PM
  2. reef
    Software developer but I love electronics, wood, nature, and everything else as well.
  3. Galagafan88
    Galagafan88 Chris Laidlaw
    Hi Chris this is Joe
  4. Bhobho80
    Bhobho80 JOSH.PIERCE
    Hi Josh,
    I ' ve just finished to build my 3D printer core xy with fixed plate, but I've some problem with firmware.
    Could you gently send me to comparize with mine?
    sure about you answer
  5. kingDon
    kingDon GrayUK
    I made a bath bomb press for just under $100 i stated with this i got off of Amazon Zoom Industrial - Heavy Duty Linear Actuator 6" Inch Stroke 330 Pound Max Lift DC 12v/24 powered by phone charger and tubes for the stand out of matel tubes and weld them all
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  6. patnap71
    patnap71 John Bolduc
    Great Job!!! I'm getting tired of my Rostock Max V2 and it quirks. Looking to make an all metal frame and a larger sized printer with no skimps. I am not the greatest at CAD. Can you please resize your plates for a 500mm bed. That would be awesome. Thank you in advance if you can.
  7. BenniX
    BenniX Martin.Barfoed
    Hi Martin,

    I saw many videos on youtube regarding Pokeys config. Congrats to these good films. I bought Pokeys 57 and PoStep 60 but have some trouble to config it. I wonder if you see a chance to help me to find a solution. Is there a chance to get support? Thank you! Cheers, Ben
    1. Martin.Barfoed
      Hi Ben, I can try to help you. Let me know your issue in some more detail. You are welcome to use my private email [email protected]
      Jul 30, 2018
  8. freon12
    freon12 Kyo
    hi kyo i"m new to cnc i built your sphinx as a 2'x3' and i was wondering if you had a wireing diagram using a phoenix controller, i"m not sure how to hook up 2 stepper motors for y axis? thank you for great build, it can be so variable
    1. NeeqOne
      Hook the other y-axis motor to the A-axis.
      Jun 26, 2018
    2. freon12
      thank you neeqOne, i'm ready to hook up electronics.
      Jun 29, 2018
  9. Eclectic Hobbyist
    Eclectic Hobbyist MaryD
    Will there be another build competition for this year? I've started working on publishing a build for my Revify 3D printer, but I've technically started it in the last couple days.
    1. MaryD
      Nothing planned as of yet. I think you are safe posting!
      Jun 22, 2018
  10. Simplegcoder
  11. James Beckett
    James Beckett GrayUK
    Hi there!, cant figure out how to DM you, having problems posting a new thread. Are you admin Gray, and should I post my question here? Excuses for ignorance, new here and puzzling my way around. Greetings,,
    1. MaryD
      Jun 11, 2018
  12. EArciniega
    EArciniega Metalguru
    Hey, my name is Eduardo, I'm a small business owner in Calgary. I'm interested in building a C-beam 'X/Y Table Style CNC Mill'. Please contact me when you can at 403-243-2484. Thank you!
  13. voi9viper
    voi9viper Giarc
    Hi, if your steppers are still missing steps its because the adjustment on the drivers is too high. You need to set it using a reference voltage. Do a web searc, or I'll find the procedure for you. When set too high steppers begin to miss steps. If this doesn't help sorry to bother you, but it was my first thought on reading about your troubles.
  14. Eric Marcos Soberano
    Eric Marcos Soberano Kyo
    Hello Sir Kyo. I am currently planning to build my first CNC machine. Is there a design that you could recommend that i can incorporate both router and plasma cutter/engraver? I will be using it for my woodworking projects. BTW I am Eric from the Philippines.


    1. Kyo
      Hello Eric,
      The Sphinx would work well for this. You could swap the router mount / spoiler board for a plasma torch mount and water tray as needed.
      May 29, 2018
    2. Eric Marcos Soberano
      Eric Marcos Soberano
      Then Sphinx it is. I will go for it and finalize purchase of parts. Thanks.
      May 29, 2018
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  15. Larry A Wolff
    Larry A Wolff sebf34
    I'd love to see the plan too.
  16. wiremonkey
    wiremonkey Kyo
    Hello Kyo. A big shout out and link to your Sphinx project page in my latest video about upgrading the c-beam with steel channel and v-rails. Take a peek and thanks again for your inspiration! https://youtu.be/2QTZa2Ge9A0 (oops, broken link, now it works)
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  17. Ariel Yahni
    Ariel Yahni
    Always making
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  18. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Hey guys I am going into radio silence for a bit as we are working on some exciting new things we can wait to share! Stay tuned
  19. lumber60
    lumber60 Mark Carew
    What do i do next. I built my machine and don;t know how to connect it to my laptop. I used a db25-1205 bob with a uc100 adapter to usb and connected to laptop. What do i do next???
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Congratulations on completing your machine build @lumber60 ! Your best bet at thins time would be to jump right in to the awesome resources that is OpenBuilds forum and talk to others about your build. A good thread to strike up a conversion maybe related to your questions may be in the software section. https://openbuilds.com/forums/#software.23
      Apr 7, 2018
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      You can also Share your Build and have a place to talk to other directly about your particular machine. This is a great way to help others learn from your journey. Share you Build here: https://openbuilds.com/builds/submit-new-build
      Apr 7, 2018
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  20. Handymanpa54
    Handymanpa54 Max Tepermeister
    Hey there Max,
    The Z axis is one of the things I liked about yours. At least it is stable. To make it easier to level, could one use a BL touch and 3 separate motors??
  21. Handymanpa54
    Handymanpa54 Carl Feniak
    Hello there Carl, With what you have learned about 3D printer builds do you have any suggestions about what is a better design? I liked your Cbot design. I was thinking you may have progressed since that build.
  22. beazleybub
    beazleybub Chris Laidlaw
    Hi Chris, I contacted you via ebay about the custom plates. I'll contact you at your gmail. Thanks
  23. Erx
    Erx cdsmith12
    hi how are you - i would love to see your video on this but it seems to be mia-and some pictures the top where the other 2 steppers are mounted-and any dimensional drawings! looks awesome I'm going to build it-like your version ! keep me posted -THX -E
  24. CharlieShimota
    CharlieShimota Kyo
    Hi Kyo, A quick question. When I click on the $H, the Z will move up to the sensor, stop, back off, slowly move towards the switch until it trips and then backs off 3mm. then the X and Y axis's do the same , except they both will only stop at the sensors and back off, then stop. They don't come back to the sensors so I have to run the $H again to make that happen? Any ideas.
  25. Navaneethan
    Navaneethan Mark Carew
    HI Mark,

    I am a novice to CNC and would like to build a pen plotter cam laser cutter in one machine. I am looking forward for your help in getting me understand things . Any beginners things to go through or stuff like that?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Mar 23, 2018
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      I think the ACRO may be just what you are looking for :)
      Mar 23, 2018
  26. NeeqOne
    NeeqOne Ryan Lock
    1. Ryan Lock
      Ryan Lock

      Yes that is correct :)

      Ryan Lock
      Mar 7, 2018
  27. Metalguru
    Still Alive!
    1. MaryD
      Mar 6, 2018
  28. José Rodolfo Mantovani
    José Rodolfo Mantovani sausagePaws
    Hi, my name is Rodolfo, design congratulations, I'm also developing a sewing machine that does embroidery for college work, but I'm in trouble. I would like to know how you did to interpret an embroidery matrix and what kind of extension of the file you are using (.PES, .DST, example).
    Thank you.
  29. ben coles
    ben coles DazTheGas
    hi daz im thinking of building the spartacus . i have downloaded your parts list but im a bit confused as to weather you uploaded all the plates or did you use some original ox plates for the y axis aslo i dont suppose you have a full modle of your build that i can open in solidworks
  30. crispin
    ACRO... no eccentrics?!
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