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New Project Comments

  1. Mark Carew
    Man you come up with some of the coolest projects Ariel! Nice one :thumbsup: I am thinking of making a few smaller versions using acrylic and o rings to use as small hold downs for alignment jobs.
  2. Mark Carew
    Cool project! I like the idea of CNC a 2D stack to create a larger 3D build. Nice one Ariel thanks for the share
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  3. Michael.M
    Very cool! Casting is something I would love to learn. I would also like to learn more of 4th axis utilization. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Kaged Creations
  5. Kaged Creations
    This is very cool, I just bought some leather and have been thinking of some projects to do with it
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  6. Kaged Creations
    I like the simple functionality of this one
  7. Kaged Creations
    I really like this, kind of like old school made new
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  8. Kaged Creations
  9. Kaged Creations
  10. Kaged Creations
    That’s slick, I do some acrylic pouring too. Cool to see you add the CNC to it.
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  11. Kaged Creations
    Glad you kept at it even though you had some issues came out really cool in the end. I didn’t realize you could use the cactus juice to dye without going through the whole vacuum and stabilization process. Very cool
  12. Andyb2206
    Love this ! How did you wire it in ?
  13. MaryD