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New Project Comments

  1. Mark Carew
    So many cool techniques being used here! Really turned out nice, thank you for sharing
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  2. MaryD
    Loving the resin effect. Really nice craftsmanship.
  3. Andreas Bockert
    So far I have manually moved the tool close to the surface (1mm away or so) and then simply used the probe procedure in the software I use (bCNC). This will slowly lower the tool until it touches the surface. I've been considering doing the...
  4. Ariel Yahni
    Awesome probe. Whats procedure do you use for probing?
  5. Giarc
    This is awesome! I am getting ready to do something similar. I help run one of the largest kayak fishing tournaments on the West Coast (Oregon Rockfish Classic). I also volunteer with Heroes On the Water (Home). One of the reasons I built my...
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  6. Mark Carew
    Straight up art work brother! Nice job :thumbsup:
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  7. MaryD
  8. Mark Carew
    So cool man! Thank you
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  9. MaryD
    Creatively resolving an issue - love it.
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  10. Mark Carew
    Thanks for the share @bubba :thumbsup:
  11. Mark Carew
  12. MaryD
    Put your mark on everything!
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  13. Mark Carew
    Cool stuff @Cowbell321 :thumbsup: If you could post the file would be great. Thank you for the share
  14. Giarc
    Cool, but that must get heavy backpacking around. :)
  15. Morb
    you could use this flow meter on lots of things like water cooling a PC very cool!
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  16. Morb
  17. Mark Carew
    Awesome project man! Thank you:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: