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New Project Comments

  1. Peter Van Der Walt
  2. MaryD
  3. Paul Pridday
    That is SO cool... On my list to do.. Thanks!!!
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  4. Nedchem
    Awesome, thanks for sharing :)
  5. MaryD
    Like Button x 2! Love the colors and the hinge works really well in this application.
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  6. Anthony Bolgar
  7. MeindertJB
    Sometimes you think about something for years and then you find it where you never expect it ! Still working on my OX but one way or another this will be a project I hope to show in the near future here to the members. Marc you keep amazing me !!!!!!
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  8. Mark Carew
    Great project Ariel :thumbsup: really like the look of the wood grain when you hit it with the oil. Thank you for the share
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  9. SBLabs
    Nice work, this gives me motivation to fire up Laserweb and work on some laser projects. Cheers!
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