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New Project Comments

  1. Giarc
    I don’t think there is enough room hear to explain all the steps I had to do and perhaps too many but the result worked out. But boy would I love to know how you did it! Did you use Aspire? Or a software more affordable for the masses?
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  2. vothar
  3. Randy
    Thank you Mark.
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  4. Mark Carew
    Wow Randy, really cool how the look of this turned out. Its got a 3D painting look to it. Nice job and thanks for sharing
  5. Samuel Kitiku
    Hello,I like the speakers,please is it possible to share the fusion 360 files.Thank you.
  6. Mark Carew
    Wow super cool, love how this turned out. :thumbsup:
  7. Mark Carew
    Very cool! When I saw this I thought of the tabbed box maker :) - Make Lithophanes - Stamps - Candles - 3D Designs
  8. Mark Carew
  9. Shape&Raise
    All military insignia are copy-written works you are not allowed to TRY to replicate, in this case, for good reason.
  10. MaryD
    Kindness is contagious! Congrats on using your skills to make someone's day!
  11. nm24
    Hi, i would like a copy of the Elephant Love file please.
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