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      I'm building this Ox clone in order to do some woodworking, and gain some experience with Arduino.

      And on the way I had to work around many issues, for example the forbiding shipping and taxes costs to buy openbuild parts, so I built the rails from standart aluminiun corners, I also found an alternative Aluminiun Profile.

      Zebu is a type of cattle, very adapted to hot reagions and very resistent, so this is why I choose this name.

      Here are some details pictures:

      Zebu - Back detail view.JPG Zebu - Back view.JPG Zebu - rail detail.JPG

      At the moment I building a wooden prototype, just to be sure that I'm not missing anything before sending the parts to be cut the wood constrution gave me some important insights:

      IMG_20151106_214138.jpg IMG_20151106_214147.jpg IMG_20151106_214154.jpg IMG_20151106_214203.jpg IMG_20151106_214212.jpg IMG_20151106_214218.jpg

      A video from the wooden protoype:

      Update 27/11/2015

      Final version of the parts have arrivied.

      IMG_3885.JPG IMG_3888.JPG IMG_3889.JPG IMG_3892.JPG IMG_3893.JPG

      Update 29/11/2015

      IMG_20151129_160107.jpg IMG_20151129_160114.jpg


      Fisrt steps!!!!!!

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    Inspired by

    I'm copying the OX.