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    1. kennyb3d
      1 /5,
      BOM, assembly instructions, and software are essentially nonexistent. I liked this lead screw design but had to recreate it from scratch. There are a few youtube videos, thingiverse posts, and guides on the 3Ddistributed website but they are nowhere near enough to build the printer. I will release my build in the future.
    2. Eclectic Hobbyist
      5 /5,
      I'd really like to see more of how you built this, or some more details on it. It's an awesome machine, I've been trying to develop a moving gantry machine myself for the past few months.
    3. Wiseer
      5 /5,
      cool, superise
    4. Jonathan Schmidt
      5 /5,
      Fabulous Design and Build
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