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    1. Safetywrench
      5 /5,
      Hello Alex. I've just finished building a OB Lead 1515 CNC. It works very nicely with the OB Control electronics. I'm working on a mod using a Duet 3D Mainboard 6HC so motion control software can be easily changed between CNC, 3D Printer, and Laser machine modes. I was encouraged by your thoughts. Thoughts would be accepted and appreciated. Safetywrench.
      1. Alex Chambers
        Alex Chambers's Response
        I strongly recommend that you join the Facebook group linked below, so that we can connect you to people who have done similar things (I'm still using the Duet 2 board and RRF2). https://m.facebook.com/groups/workbeecncusersgroup/?ref=bookmarks Alex.
    2. Alex Chambers
      Colin Mccourt
      5 /5,
      There are some mighty fine and useful points contained within..Taking a rough diamond, cutting and polishing it takes time before it truly shines...I'm following with interest...
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