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      Currently in the design stage, I am attempting to design a 4(+)-axis machine to specifically build custom pool cues. However, I am providing a bit of a base space for limited size flat plates as well.
      This build is based on the layout of the WorkBee design. It uses two 1500mm Y-Axis Actuators, a 750mm X-Axis Actuator, and a 250mm Z-Axis Actuator, with a central beam with a 4th axis Lathe Head- and Tail-Stock setup. This will allow me to initially be able to turn the piece incrementally to cut patterns into the cues at designated locations around the surface. Eventually, I want to be able to make the Y-Axis fixed and translate it into 4th axis rotation, to cut scroll patterns around the cues.

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    Cut inlay pockets and inserts into pool cues and other flat/turned projects.
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