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      Don't be ashamed by a Huiweeiei...?!?

      I generally don't hideaway my electronics, but in this case i had to give in to the wife's wishes.

      So, I made a small box with a guillotine lid to hide our wireless router.
      Made no back plate so that i could mount the frame onto the wall, covering the outlet powering the router. For ventilation and aesthetics i carved the well known WIFI logo on the front. Vents also allow you to see whether the router it operating on not.
      I don't think any significant signal is lost through the 6mm thick MDF

      Billede 13-08-2016 17.13.29.jpg Billede 13-08-2016 17.34.58.jpg Billede 13-08-2016 17.35.23.jpg
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