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    1. J-Wahl Dezign
      5 /5,
      love this build I have been thinking of doing something similar with my laser cutter after seeing all the wasted space in the electronics compartment I have contemplated what to do with it. When I am done upgrading the electronics on my CNC I plan on modifiing my k40 laser next. This project is inspirational.
    2. Ocie Ward
      5 /5,
      very nice
    3. nkyKelly
      5 /5,
      Clean build with great write-up. Makes for an achievable build for others. Thanks Ariel
    4. icemax
      5 /5,
      good, good and good
    5. kev20009
      5 /5,
      really like the build
    6. StuMid
      5 /5,
      An excellent project that just goes to show how simple these machines actually are, and with a bit of ingenuity you can correct the poor build quality and create yourself a solid and accurate machine for a very cheap price. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to build a larger work area for mine based on this excellent project.
    7. Evgeniy
      5 /5,
      I look at my machine and I want to make is about the same
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