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      TITAN-XY is a large CoreXY 3d printer with a fixed Build plate and XY Gantry that moves along the Z axis

      Current build is based on Openbuilds Vslot with 40x40 extrusion for the vertical beams
      Dual Z motors drive 4 Z acme screws that raise and lower the XY Motors and Gantry
      Completely fixed build plate keeps prints stable.

      Current Specifications
      X Build volume = 295mm actual available motion
      Y Build volume = 385mm Max (360 usable)
      Z Build volume = 340mm Currrent (400 once complete), can be easily upgraded to 900mm

      Aluminum Heated bed with Silicon heater and Glass and PEI Print surface

      Nema 17 motors
      Current build is based on a Rumba controller with XXL LCD screen, DRV8825 stepper drivers (1/32 micro)

      Dyze Design Extruder and Hotend

      -------- Scheduled changes / upgrades

      • Switch to Single Z Nema 17 Stepper (potentially geared) once long enough looped belt is received
      • Reduce depth of machine. dont need more then 300mm of Y build volume.
      • Switch to Smoothieboard / Duet controller (TBD)
      • Install Clear Panels to enclose unit
      4 Lead screws. driven by a single looped belt. that is powered by two Nema 17's running together to split the load.. using one belt will eliminate sync issues. I was trying to avoid going with a Nema 23

      Design was inspired by H-Bot & C-Bot
      Makerparts 3DP v1C top0003.jpg Makerparts 3DP v1C Z0003.jpg Makerparts 3DP v1C0003.jpg

      Link to Work in progress - Build of Material List
      Link updated for public access

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      1. Special Notes

        Designed and rendered in Cinema 4D R17 with Vray
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    not happy with my Makerfarm i3v 12"
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