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      I started by cutting the raw 4x4 into 5in lengths with a miter saw. I then used my table saw with the blade set at a 10degrees and cut all 4 side of the 5 in length to create a tapper effect. Next i set the angle of the table saw to 45 degrees and cut 1 corner to create the long wedge looking face on the corner. I used the original legs as a templet to mark the screw holes. I used a drill press to drill the 2 holes 5/8 diameter 4 inches deep. And then a 3/8 bit through the last 1 in.
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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

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    We bought a new couch but it sits to low so i made taller legs to lift it. It also allows for easier cleaning underneath
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    1 4x4 of your choice Link
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