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    1. Neil Scott
      5 /5,
      enough to make me buy one from Martin....
    2. ihu
      5 /5,
      Good Job. Can't wait!
    3. Hans Christian Thisen
      5 /5,
      Good build with quality materials. My SS OX is now operational with a 1.5 kW water cooled spindle (this is in my opinion the weight limit). Martin is a very nice guy and can only say good things about him and the design. There are some minute design glitches, but nothing major and Martin's helping hart counters this many times.
    4. Andrew Findlow
      5 /5,
      Excellent build and logical tutorials, very informative!
    5. Gunnar Norum
      5 /5,
      Everything looks super sturdy, and because of Martins excellent tutorials and youtube-clips, and the fact that he seems like a great guy, I chose to purchase all parts from his makersupply.dk shop. Looking forward to start building.
    6. Catawissa_CNC
      5 /5,
      Really nice build! Thanks for the great information!
    7. Wesley Pilchard
      5 /5,
      I really like the servobelt design, seems like it would make this large build more robust.
    8. sw3Dp
      5 /5,
      doubleplusgood builder, Martin really takes the principles of open source to heart, shares freely, instructs with out compensation or threat of entrepreneurship. He explains mechanical and software work flow better than any other youtuber, not to mention he excels in precision craftsman.
    9. pici
      5 /5,
      Very nice documentation. Chapeau!
    10. Dave Chang
      5 /5,
      Very nice job!!! Hope I can get a set of drawings to build my own machine.
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