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      My version of the OX Build. Thanks to Mark Carew for the great OX Build OpenBuilds OX CNC Machine | OpenBuilds Post and instructional videos.

      Built this 4'x4' sucker right in the middle of the living room over a 2-3 week period since garage space is tight at the moment.

      Will add more details as I have time to get in here...

      Bought my gantry plates from an online store to get started (not sure if I'm allowed to mention their store name(?), but the plates were perfect, and their service was awesome).

      My initial frame build up. Used Extreme V wheels, and black V-Slot - 1000mm x 1000mm.

      Next came the base, made of standard 2x4's with 3/8" lag bolts and some 3/4" plywood.

      Once the base was complete, I worked on some end caps. Modified the end cap on the back to allow the excess drive belt to feed back into the v-slot, and bottom ones to get an additional 1mm of clearance on the bottom (wanted to drag on my base). Printed these out on my 3D Printer. I'll add the STL files when I can.
      End_Cap_01.jpg End_Cap_02.jpg End_Cap_03.jpg

      Created an adapter for the router I was planning on using. The old RotoZip I had laying around in the garage. Not sure if it's powerful enough yet, but if not I'll buy a Bosch Colt. I'll add the STL file when I can.

      Table build-up was straight forward. Used 1/4-20 T-Nuts in the bottom piece of MDF every ~8.5" for clamp mounting locations. Will use M5-60mm screws to hold the base boards and spoiler board to the frame of the machine. I chose to go with 3 boards stacked as I can swap the top and middle board as the spoiler wears out, and I can adjust the height for the material I want to cut by removing boards if needed. Found some nice little stainless clamps on McMaster Carr I'll post a picture of once I get them.
      Table_Build_Up_01.jpg Table_Build_Up_02.jpg

      Next up is electrical, plan is to go with the CNC xPro V2 controller once it is available to order again in a couple days. I have everything else I need except for the end stops which I have ordered already just waiting for them to arrive.

      That's all for now, will update and add more files as I have time and make more progress. :D

      Latest Update: It can cut 1/8" Aluminum. Needs a better bit for sure...

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