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      I followed the excellent online build instructions for the most part. I made some tweaks as I went along.

      Here's the build before adding the router spindle. Note the use of flexible tubing to "float" the control cables between rails. Those have worked very well for this smaller build volume.

      Just for fun, a stereo image. Cross your eyes.

      I spent extra time terminating and dressing cables to assure a reliable build. Nylon ties anchor everything in place to allow the cables to flex with the machine but not weaken the connections.
      2014-02_shapeoko_2_build_51.JPG 2014-02_shapeoko_2_build_20.JPG 2014-02_shapeoko_2_build_42.JPG 2014-02_shapeoko_2_build_55.JPG

      I went with an upgrade of the Bosch Colt trim router with Precise Bits E11 collar.

      While squaring the machine, I found shims broken out of a thickness gauge set were perfect for the tiny adjustments needed.

      I realized the two belts of the Y-axis rails presented an interesting challenge. How to tension them so they don't introduce any skew as the gantry traveled fore and aft? Being a musician, I realized I could simply stretch and pluck each belt so they played the same musical pitch.

      Of course, my first project after a "hello world" test, was a container for the control electronics. I built 3D models of each of the components in my control system - power supply, arduino+servo shield, buttons, etc.
      shapeoko control enclosure - 3D finger joint files.jpg

      Then, I positioned them in 3D space and designed a finger-joint enclosure around them. Once I was satisfied with my design, I flattened the six sides in order to send them to DeskProto for NC file creation.
      shapeoko control enclosure - 3D panels 2.jpg

      Here they are cut and being finished with a sealer.
      shapeoko control enclosure - machining 02.JPG

      And, adding the electronics.
      shapeoko control enclosure - machining 05.JPG shapeoko control enclosure - machining 08.JPG

      A view of the controller with the Shapeoko, beyond. Note the addition of a custom spoiler board with brass threaded inserts.
      shapeoko control enclosure - machining 09.JPG

      All in all, this first CNC project has been educational and useful. One of my latest projects is a wooden clock from published plans. It does a really nice job with those thin clock hands.
      clock parts.jpg
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