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      The cart will now be reborn as the Soccer Pitch for our Robot Spider Soccer game
      i'll be adding a sheet of plywood as a surface to be painted green and lined as a soccer field.
      Ill also be adding lights and some camera mounts as i am going to project the game on the large wall inside the gym during the game. the event itself is months away so progress on this build will be less rapid than other builds.

      I was given part-time use of the chemistry lab and the room and our current direction make this cart less than ideal. with big flat chemistry tables the kids have ample room to work and i need to focus more on parts bins and project boxes.

      So I decided to start a robotics club at our school. i finally got principal approval and i've begun making preparations. I was inspired by this: Maker Cart
      But as with all these things i tend to absorb the concept and muddle thru my own execution.

      I've Built the Bones and im playing with melamine board to give it a skin. But the heat has been Oppressive lately so i have to work in short spurts.
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    The robotics club in our school is brand new this year and we need a motivational goal to keep the kids on track. A school assembly with a robot sporting event is perfect for this. Preparations will take time.

    Inspired by

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