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      Our plan is to build a 5-axis CNC machine (Rainnea type or X.Y.Z.B.C) made with as much openbuilds parts as possible. The configuration of this machine is due of its size, another configuration will demand more space and more parts. We also are going to try MK3 PCB from planet-cnc, azteeg x3 pro from pannucat and Bam&Dice arduino STK kit from Mr Konrad Meyer(2printbeta) as they are the most robust PCB boards we could find in the market and could be modified from its firmware. If any of the above mentioned does not give us a satisfactory result we are kin to develop a PCB that supports advanced kinematics in order to run the machine. Software for control the machine, generate and simulate g-code is part of our project, our plan is to create something to be run with open source CAD Blender, there's a huge part made by BlenderCam team we want to contribute with.

      As this project is in its earliest steps, further information will be added every week.
      Parts are still in transit =)
      We hope we can upload some sketches soon...
      Any help that could be provided will be much appreciated.
      1. Special Notes

        This project is to help the "Colombian" community develop a stable base in the prototyping industry, teach our students how prototyping machines work, contribute to maker community and bring to the south-Americans the possibility to access advanced machines concepts.

        We want to thank the following as they helped us a lot:
        - Fairshare program
        - Open builds community
        - Blender CAM project
        - All the effort made with the grasshopper algorithms for Rhino by the guys from CAMel and 5-axis maker as we have learned a lot.
        - The CNCcookbook web
        - The CNCtoolkit for Gmax
        - The book "secrets of 5-axis machining" by Karlo Apro
        - Software "machine simul" by http://5axes.free.fr/index_en.htm
        And all the people who had worked developing advance kinematics software and hardware.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    - Maker community needs open source advanced kynematics machines
    - Tyred of wasting money on expensive CAM
    -Demostrate People does not need a PhD to run a 5-axis

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds web
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