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    1. Luk14
      5 /5,
      I am building this designe (85% complete) and it is a good one. The Gantry is bulletproof. There are good examples for using 3D printed parts without loosing precision. I had a bit of trouble with the carriage, so I used OpenBuild Plates for that (works perfectly).
    2. MKD
      4 /5,
      Awesome! lots of others are using high level of machined parts etc for their builds VS 3d printed parts which just makes things more expensive (yes yes, more accurate too).Loving the build - VERY keen to build too so will watch with anticipation
    3. Tam Findlay
      1 /5,
      Excessive lateral movement of the gantry itself along the X axis when the cutter is under load, seems very likely with this design . This is my impression, given the imagery so far.
      1. Spiffcow
        Spiffcow's Response
        What are you basing that on? There is zero lateral movement of the gantry. There's some minor issues with the carriage at present, but each gantry side fully surrounds the C Beam, with a total of 20 screws the top, back, left, and right sides of the C Beam.
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