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      Project 'Piranha' is a high-end CNC machine meant to serve anyone who has bigger requirements to stiffness than the V-wheel/V-slot linear guide system can deliver. The Piranha will be the ideal machine both for experienced user as well as the inexperienced enthusiasts. Piranha is a convenient tool that can help with small- to medium-sized wood, plastic or aluminum projects in your home or professional workshop. Easy to build and easy to use!

      ISO left.png ISO.png Right.png side  detail.png Z axis.png Front.png Back.png 3.png

      The Piranha is equipped with strong 15mm linear guide rails and corresponding blocks. Mounted on strong C-Beam it will give the machine extra strength. Gantry plates are made in 6mm solid aluminum. The transmission will be all lead screw driven similar to LEAD 1515 machine.

      We plan to make three models: 1010, 1015 and 1515. The development work is a joint effort between makersupplies.dk and some interns from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

      We now have a working prototype with all gantry plates milled in aluminum. Say Hello to the Piranha CNC :)

      The prototype is now ready and most/all details developed. One of the challenges has been to make spacers for the ACME Nut Blocks. In order for the lead screw to move freely all the way - it is critical that the spacer that lifts the ACME Nut Block is very accurate. For the prototype we tried 3D printing but it was not optimal, so we ended making them in ply wood. For the final kit we expect POM or aluminum.

      The machine is now ready for its first cut in MDF. We also made a nice spoil board for the machine.

      In this video we go through the entire assembly process. Enjoy!

      The digital files are now added to the project. You will find the full assembly in the file Assembly.STEP
      The main plates are made in 6mm aluminum sheet :
      Front and Back Corner Brackes. You need 4 of these. (F-B plate.STEP)
      Left and Right Y Gantry Plate (X-Y plate left.STEP & X-Y plate right.STEP)
      The X and Z Gantry Plate (X-Z plate.STEP)

      We have made two versions of the spacer between Gantry Plates and the ACME Nut. Both can be used but one is simpler to make. Suggested material is aluiminum or POM, alternatively a 3D Print:
      Spacer with two rings that fit into the ACME Nut (Spacer 1.STEP)
      Spacer with flat surface (Spacer 2.STEP)

      The file MiniSLDPRT.STEP is a small bracket to mount the limit switsh to the Z-axis. This part can be laser cut in 6mm acrylic or 3D Printed.

      Two files should be 3D Printed to make some Drac Chain Holders for Y and Z
      (Y drag chain bracket.STEP & Z drag chain bracket.STEP)

      During assembly you nedd to allign the Linear Rail wit hthe C-Beam V-slot. To make that easy to need two pieces of the Rail Spacer made in aluminum (Rail Spacer v1.STEP)

      Now we received the first batch of 10 set Gantry Plates. 6mm blach anodized aluminum. Very nicely made! Together with the POM spacers and other special parts we now have all parts available for the kit.

      IMG_2326.jpg IMG_2327.jpg IMG_2328.jpg IMG_2329.jpg

      In the makersupplies.dk web-shop we have now added some upgrade kits. As Piranha CNC share many parts with the OB LEAD machine we have made upgrade kits from LEAD 1010 and 1515 to Piranha. You can find the kits here: Piranha CNC - makersupplies.dk

      Together with Rudolf and Metodi, two interns from KEA, we have developed a complete Dust Management system with dust shoe, hose/hose management and universal adaptor for your shop vacuum. The Dust Shoe fit our Spindle Holder for standard 43mm spindles so it can be used for both makerCARVER, Stainless OX and the Piranha CNC.

      You can fint it on makersupplies.dk

      To be continued …….

      For further updates keep an eye on the progress at makersupplies.dk or on our facebook page

      14-05-2021: BoM updated with list of parts needed for upgrading a LEAD1010 or LEAD1515 to Piranha CNC.
      07-06-2021: Pictures of new Gantry Plates added
      01-09-2021: Assembly Manual added to the file section
      17-11-2021: Assembly video added
      01-03-2022: Assembly manual updated
      20-04-2022: Dust Shoe video added

      Pictures from the development work:
      1.png 4.png 5.png IMG_2700.JPG IMG_20210112_113121.jpg IMG_20210120_140301.jpg IMG_20210120_152606.jpg IMG_20210120_155527.jpg IMG_20210126_144254.jpg IMG_20210127_142031.jpg IMG_20210129_091906.jpg IMG_20210203_102516.jpg IMG_20210203_102553.jpg IMG_20210203_153700.jpg IMG_20210204_150738.jpg IMG_20210211_135050.jpg IMG_20210211_135058.jpg IMG_20210211_135107.jpg IMG_1703.jpeg IMG_1708.jpeg IMG_20210209_141042.jpg IMG_20210211_135000.jpg IMG_20210211_135018.jpg

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    Inspired by

    LEAD, LEAD 1515
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