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    1. Mestre
      5 /5,
      Excellentes explications, très détaillées.félicitations
    2. Andrespmi70
      5 /5,
      It's been a long time since I want to build a CNC machine and this one looks great and the size is perfect. I think I am going to build it. I have a few concerns, where can I get the 3D printed parts?, and its possible using the table and motors to convert to a 3D printer the CNC itself? I mean it's possible to use the table for both things? Thanks so much.
    3. Edgar
      5 /5,
      Great Build, Inspiring
    4. Gr8trim4u
      5 /5,
      Is it possible to increase the z axis to 500mm? Add a 4th axis ? I want to rough out gun stocks. The 250mm will not give me the clearance i need.
    5. bikerbri
      5 /5,
      1 I want one, 2 its big enough for every day use but not too big for an average garage or man cave , 3 did I say I want one , 4 the bigger step motor,s would be handy for carving hard oak etc etc A lot of thought has gone into this by Schematix, it may only be an upgrade of the original bit it opens up lots of new possibility,s and I WANT ONE
    6. Tracy Ranson
      5 /5,
      I have been following this build for some time and really like what was done to improve the build. I am actually in the process to build a similar machine but it will be a plasma cutter
    7. djjester611
      5 /5,
      I am loving the size of this build.
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