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    1. tisdal
      5 /5,
      Was able to get this put together is only a few hours at work with the video while being interrupted to do actual work. So much better instructions than my 3d printer came with.
    2. Otto J
      5 /5,
      The complete step-by-step construction of this small mill is very clear and as foolproof as possible for a tool based on extrusions and machined parts. This project is well within the reach of anyone with two hands and the ability to operate simple hand tools. USING this little mill requires additional skills, of course, as well as the electronics and software that are not part of this kit.
    3. Sonny Lowe
      5 /5,
      This is a GREAT little machine, my most fun and useful build so far. Big thanks to Mark and the entire OB Team for another great bundle!!!
    4. blindflight
      5 /5,
      Got to have one of these in the shop !!
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