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      Ox Hybrid Modified design. Open rail instead vslot. Eventually I will use this CNC to cut my new Gantry plates and continue its metamorphosis.


      After weeks of research, i decided to venture out on my own and try a new way. I liked the V Wheels, but didn't want to go the V Slot route. So i decided to give the Open rail a try. I cut my Gantry Plates out of MDF as well as the Open Rail Base Track.

      Getting the holes on the Gantry plate Carriage to line up perfectly with the V Rail was a bit of a struggle.

      TIP # 1 : When drilling your own holes in a gantry plate (If not machining your plate) use a drill press, and hand drill tends to wander on you a little and even a few mm can make a difference.


      Once the machine is up and running I will be replacing parts with ones cut from this machine. I'm thinking about creating my own Open Rail Version out of a Poly, or Acrylic.


      Wiring Has Begun:

      A small project box (Which looks like it was made for this board) some rubber grommets and fan motor, and we have liftoff. I plan on putting a board under the box running left to right, to accommodate the side motors and the length of the wire, which will be in excess of 48 " (I actually have to add wire, as the nema 23 comes with about 30" of wire)

      tested the board today at least to make sure the power works (It does ;)). I will be adding the power on/off switch, the pause and restart switches, and the 2 remaining motors, then it will be time for the belts.

      I attached the Motor to a metal plate to make sure i don't get any slippage. PLANNED CHANGES:

      1. I'm going to add open rail on the opposite side
      2. I will add to more v wheels to the opposite side to take the pressure off the existing v wheels near the motor. It should help distribute the weight better.

      Ok, added more wheels and a vrail on the opposite side to minimize the pressure on the back wheels. Now im off to setting up the board.

      I have movement on the nema 17 motor, connected to the pins, but nothing yet on the bare wire/screw terminal nema 23's. Trying to sort that out. (pics to follow shortly)

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