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      This is a OX CNC form Ooznest with a taler Z Axis. I needed a higher Z Axis beacause this CNC Router is for large architecture landscape modells where i dont need to much precision and sturdyness overall.


      The cable tracks


      the tall z axis


      cable tracks on the y axis


      the selfmade plates out of 1cm think aluminium. and no i dont have two motors on the z axis :) a friend of mine made those for me on a proffessional metall milling machine. unfortunately the holes for the alu extrusion profile where to short. that sucked


      the self made mounting plates for the spindle clamp. not the best design beacause the position of those mounting plates need to be perfect align on the extrusion profile before mounting the clamps.


      the bed for the mdf working plate.


      the cables are at the moment missing beacause i made them by myself and used a china crap connector. the connectors where supposed to connect the machine to the computer box. one of the connectors had a shortcircuit because i made a ****** soldering job. i fried one dm542a, did not see that i fried that driver with the ****** cable, pluged the cable in to another driver and that driver was gone to... that sucked a lot... im rewiring now the hole machine. wy my fuse did not jump in or neither the driver internal fuse proteced the driver is unknow till today.... feel free to comment if you have an idea.



      This is my circuit at the moment

      missing are the limit switches / home switches / emergency out and a ground cable to the main frame of the computer
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    Reason for this Build

    Im an architecture student and i keep cutting myself when i build architecture models. i dont like that. so id decised to make someone else make the cuts.
    go OX CNC, cut that stuff for me!!
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