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  • Build Reviews

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    1. targetdrone
      5 /5,
      Looks terrific! Solid construction, no bed leveling, very clean wiring.
    2. snokid
      5 /5,
      original and creative!!!
    3. Christian Setla
      5 /5,
      After having looked at all the builds on this site, this particular build speaks to me the most. Minimal cost, maximum results. I've not finished building mine yet, but in all honesty, it's got everything I'm looking for and nothing more..... exactly what I wanted.
    4. Selvakumaran
      5 /5,
      As always... One more Solid 3d printer
    5. Lozza50
      5 /5,
      Simple to build and structural stable. Can support dual extruder
    6. Subramaniam S S
      4 /5,
      This construction is simple and awesome, the best part is that the single motor driving two threaded rod and also it supports 2 types of extruder.