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      ***** Update 10/25/2016. ******
      NOx up and running. Video of the NOx bringing Elvis to life.

      This is my first build. I am naming this the "NOx" because it was inspired by Jonny Norris and and his proposed Ox, The Hox. Thanks for all of the advice Jonny. I don't know about the royalties, I teach for a living ;)

      The goal is a full 4'x4' work area. The Nox is constructed with 1500mm C-Beams for the Y and a double 1500mm C-Beam for the X. I am using belt and pinion drive with Nema 23 (425oz) steppers. All plates are 1/2" aluminum except for the Y plates, which are 3/4". The Y beams are fastened to and overhang the 20x40 spoil board structure but are supported the full length of the run. The whole frame rest on a 3/4" plywood torsion box.

      The Y steppers will actually hang below the C-Beam with the belt and pinion tensioned in the under channel. May have to change the location and add a 20x20 to the outside to reroute the belt. Will have to monitor belt once completed and see.

      ****Updated ***** 8/29/2016:
      The NOx is up and running :) I've attached a couple of videos of ,

      Originally planned the belts to go inside the C-Beam mouth, but ended up suspending the Y belts underneath. Happy to report no problem with the belt hanging down out of the channel across the whole 1500 mm!

      Had some problems with the SainSmart TB6560 controller. When first hooked up motion was very jerky. Increased the micro steps and still not smooth. Replaced the controller with a different breakout and four SainSmart M542T. Smooth! I do have it set at 32 steps or 6400/rev.

      Still to be done:
      • Make the Control box and mount electronics.
      • Level Spoil board and route channels for T-Slot.

      **** Update 10/25/2016 ****
      Added a video of router in action using PhotoVcarve
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - CC BY NC

    Reason for this Build

    This is a build being undertaken by our high school robotics team.
    Team Ramageddon (FRC#4336)

    Inspired by

    Jonny Norris's KOX
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