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      Update: Feb 18 2018: It lives!

      Lots of progress. Control box built. Populated with 4 drivers (1 per stepper), 2 driver 36V power supplies, 1 heavy amperage contactor for EStop of both power supplies, 1 PC power supply for regulated 5 and 12V supply, 2 venting fans and one UNO with terminal shield.

      Definitely started to get cramped in the PC case. Should have gone for a old 24" server case.

      I made an effort to shield, twist, segregate (data from power) and ground all cabling inside and outside of the control box. Stepper lines are twisted 4 pair inside braid and foil shield. Each stepper coil lead twisted passed thru individual ferrite bead 4 times. All shields grounded at the case.


      Shielded the router power line with braid and added toroidal ferrite bead.


      Update Oct 16 2017:
      Based on discussion on Openbuilds forum I have finally cut up my 1000 mm C-beam. I went with a 310mm length for the Z-axis, which left 347mm for the 2 gantry legs.



      Inspired by 'C-beam Prefab Untitled', 'C-beam 1-M', and 'CRH C-Beam Router' builds.

      Just mocking up parts just now and deciding how to cut up my 4th 1M C-beam for my gantry legs and Z-Axis.


      I liked the idea of being able to 'choke up' on the gantry height for maximum rigidity. I hope to maximize the gantry leg material, while having a reasonable amount of c-beam left over for the z-axis.

      While I could just split it into three 330mm pieces, I do not want the z-axis length to be so long (plus heavy-ish stepper motor at top) as to be 'wagging' when it moves.

      Ultimately I would like to get into a 1.5 KW air-cooled spindle so am trying to build with that in mind as well.

      Really trying to just build one CNC and maybe get it 'right' the first time. Ordering delays are brutal.



      Why a mock up? I just got familiar with Sketchup. Now I am learning Fusion 360!

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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

    Reason for this Build

    For woodworking, and some light metal work.
    Mostly right now to replace my hand cut aluminum parts with something more accurate.
    Wife and I both want to be able to apply vector graphics we developed to projects that we build.

    Inspired by

    'C-beam Prefab Untitled', 'C-Beam XXLarge "Tank', 'C-beam 1-M', and 'CRH C-Beam Router' builds.
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