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      I am just in the design phase currently and using the resources posted here to develop my unit. I have purchased some parts for my Z-axis through the open source store, and will be buying more as I get more of my design developed. Thank you to everyone in advance and more to follow.

      3/1/2016 Some of my order parts have started showing up. I think I have decided to use an Arduino Ono and GRBL shield to control the build. I plan on taking a ton of photos and Videos of the build as well as several renders. I will post any plates I modify for anyone's use and try to keep a vary detail parts list and up load when its complete. I definitely will try to do a very detailed information my electronics of the build . I feel that this is the area that most builds fall short on showing as I am wading through this sea of information.
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    I have build cabinet and was a professional woodworker for about 8 years before the old back said nope!, I now have a design degree and have used a water jet for several years which inspired me to build one. I am always interested in learning new things and this will be a nice challenge to failed engineering student, **** divorce anyway!

    Inspired by

    What inspired me was the YouTube video of the 30 round magazine loader, I then looked into a Shark and led me down the rabbit hole!
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