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      I started in this about a year ago, as I purchased a 2UP printer and could never get it to work right. I found a guy that made a great Full metal upgrade on it, and build it. Its a great printer, 120ms print speed, but a limited build area. I found the same guy created the Eclipse3d printer. I liked the overall design, but just did not like the Z axis bed design. So I took the best of a few different designs, and created a nice large bed area of 300x300x300 using standard CoreXY design and a dual belt driven Z axis for a very stable print platform. I am using a B3 innovations hot end, with 500 degree cartridge. I have a small section of the bed designed for heating, but since most of my work it is not required. Print speed is over 200 on first print. I will post up all the BOM and details in a few days
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    Eclipse3d 3UP all metal