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      Hello, I'm an italian builder. I need for a large CNC router so I bought an OX kit.

      At first i noticed that the gantry and side plate holes for the fixed wheels are not perfectly in line so I hope in the future to find a method to easily correct the alignment of the axis.
      I'd like to improve the overall rigidity too because, in my opinion, it limits a lot the capabilities of the machine. Totally satisfied working with wood but with plastic or aluminium vibrations cause some troubles.
      I don't know if it is a common problem, but in my case, with both stepper motor turned off, keeping one side of the x axis fixed the other side can be moved back or forward for about 15 mm.
      So I added two openbuild beam (the black 60x20 ones) and linked them with bracket to each of the y axis beam.


      Now as the y axis rails cannot be deflected side to side the x axis movement is reduced to about 5 mm.
      Anyway when all motors are turned on the holding torque probably prevent the losing of the alignment.
      Linking the added beams to the base frame too have the secondary effect that the classic central beam isn't needed anymore to keep the distance of the two y axis rails.

      My configuration for the z limit switch is: the switches blocked in place with a simple handmade plate from a strip of aluminium, a tee nut and a screw for the z min, and a piece of about 105-110 mm M4 threaded rod for the z max.
      In order to install the M4 threaded rod, I tapped one of the hole used to attach the nema 17 motor and blocked the rod with a nut and an elastic washer.
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    Because i need a large cnc router that can work with wood, plastic and possibly with aluminium
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