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      Please check out makersupplies.dk and see the full range of Openbuild parts as well as steel plates ready to be shipped directly to you from Denmark.

      Inspired by the ShapeOko, earlier versions of the X-Carve and not least the Stainless OX, I started to develop an entry level hobby machine remix of the three – It will be the makerCARVER. The plan is to use the best elements from each of the ancestors to bring out the best.

      Except the gantry plates all parts will be OpenBuilds stock parts. Kits are available here: makerCARVER - makersupplies.dk

      Assembly video
      We compiled this detailed assembly. Use this together with the Assembly Manual found under files to put the machine together.

      Build details:
      The makerCARVER will come in four different formats

      · 500mm x 500mm
      · 500mm x 750mm
      · 750mm x 750mm
      · 1000mm x 1000mm
      Due to the light weight Y-axis rail larger footprints are not recommended.

      Gantry configuration:
      X-gantry will ride on the 40x40mm rail with 8 wheels on the top and 4 below. The wheels are sandwiched 2 by 2 to fit the 40mm rail.

      Y-gantry will have 4 top and 2 bottom wheels

      Z-gantry will have 6 wheels

      The gantry plates are made out of Stainless Steel again.

      The build is with dual belt as the Stainless OX.

      Build description
      When I started prototyping the smallest format. I was using various parts from my other prototypes and products. I soon hit a bump realizing that one of the types idlers I was using for my last projects had changed. This small change made it so that the wheels and bearings could not slide onto the rails.

      Moving some holes, removing the idlers and adding an extra row of wheels on both the x – and y-gantry plates and tested the new concept with laser cut acrylic plates. With these changes the first prototype quickly came together.

      The prototype is now finished. We have made laser cut steel gantry plates and added limit switches and cable management.

      Short video on the current status:

      We have spent a lot of time to finish up the prototype and I do think we have solved most problems in a good manner. Now with stainless gantry plates, dual belts and spoilboard the machine stands ready to be made in larger quantities.

      We have tried to get some support and promote the build via Kickstarter but we did not reach our goal though. As we still believe that this machine will fit many CNC beginners need we have decided to go on with the project and expect to launch a kit Q4-2020 via makersupplies.dk

      All files will also be upload here and you are welcome to make it yourself.

      Here you can see the video we made for Kickstarter

      Our prototype is equipped with 4pcs 1.2Nm controlled by the BlackBox. We have used a standard PSU and for some time it has been sitting on the worktable together with the makerCARVER. However, it does not look great and to some extend not safe at all - so we have made a nice little enclosure for the two. Front and back was milled in 3mm aluminum and held together with two 250mm pieces 20x60 V-slot. In this video you can see the result and process. Find the design in the Files section

      We have made an upgrade of the makerCARVER Z-axis. By replacing the X/Z plate and adding Linear Guides in stead of the wheels we have improved the stiffness of the gantry. The modification can easily be adjusted to fit the Xtainless OX and openbuilds OX.

      STEP and .dxf files can be found in the Files section. They are called "makerCARVER New Z"

      To be continues - Please follow the project
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    Reason for this Build

    To bring to the community a entry level machine based on OpenBuilds parts. Inspired by the ShapeOko, X-Carve and the Stainless OX this will be a remix of the best elements of the three.

    Inspired by

    Inspired by ShapeOko, X-Carve and Stainless OX
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