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      My intent for this build is to bring awareness to the Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) and to the build community in general. By demonstrating this build live at the event, I hope to show attendees (many who are still researching or considering 3d printing) that building a printer doesn't have to be a daunting task. It can be fun, enlightening, and less time consuming than one might think.

      A little about me: I'm an industrial machine design engineer with 15 years experience (and with a 10 year background in plastics processing also). I have previously built a custom delta style printer (using OpenBuilds framing, a Beaglebone Black / Cramps controller combo, running Machinekit). This is my first attempt at building a D-bot (core-xy) machine. I intend to continue this 3d printing quest quite a bit further by designing an all-in-one recycle station to chop/shred compatible plastics, mix/extrude into "new" filament, and wind onto spools to be ready for printing (but that is a project for another time)

      This D-bot machine is mostly a traditional build from Spauda01's design on Thingiverse. For my efforts, I am proud to say that OpenBuilds has offered to sponsor my live build. Because of this, many of the hardware components have been acquired from the parts store. This leaves me with the funds to purchase all of the remaining mechanical, electrical, and other components to make the build possible.

      Pre-build progress will be posted here (order lists, printed parts updates, etc), along with a link to our live feed of the build during the show and saved youtube video after the show.

      26-Jan-2017 -> It begins
      In preparation for the live build, printing for the new d-bot has begun. I've chosen a new-to-me filament, Alchement Star 1.75mm PET-G Solid Red. It seems to be printing well, and the color is nice and red.
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      28-Jan-2017 -> Material issues
      So, even though the appearance of the material was good, the infill would not adhere to the perimeters. I tried higher temps, lower temps, more overlap, over extrusion, under extrusion, you name it; nothing helped the issue. So now I have Hatchbox PETG Red on order and printing is on hold for a week.

      30-Jan-2017 -> OpenBuilds shipment has arrived!
      UPS dropped off my OpenBuilds order this morning and the unboxing began. Nicely packed and everything looks safe and secure.

      08-Feb-2017 -> Printing Update
      While waiting for new Red filament (Hatchbox PETG Solid Red), I decided to print some Black components of the Toranado Extruder that we are planning to put on this build. Here is some printed goodness.

      16-Feb-2017 -> Red Filament Update
      So we printed out most of the black components for this build (mostly Toranado extruder components) and they came out great. We received our shipment of Hatchbox Solid Red PET-G from newegg.com and began calibrating for this material. After some tweaks to Slic3r and several small prints, we are finally dialed in and making D-bot parts!
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      One final note for today... we may be adding a sponsor or two. Details to follow in the next update.

      23-Feb-2017 -> Printing Update & New Sponsor
      Last week I mentioned that we had hopes for an additional sponsorship. Well, that happened and now I can say that Duet3D and Filastruder has provided the DReD-Bot with a Duet Wifi, PanelDue 7", and PT100 daughter board. (Thank you personally to Roland Lock of Think3DPrint3D and Tim Elmore of Filastruder for their wonderful responsiveness and cooperation) The DReD-Bot is shaping up to be a real powerhouse and it is all thanks to OpenBuilds, Duet3D (Think3DPrint3D), and Filastruder for their generous sponsorship to us and the open community.
      Onto the printing status: we have completed about 80% of the components for the D-bot. We did an on-the-fly change to modify the z-axis to be a 2 acme screw, single motor, belt driven assembly. This change hasn't really prevented us from printing, but it did shift the priorities on what we were printing. A picture of the whole layout of printed parts will be shown below. For the Toranado Precision Extruder, a couple pieces still remain to be printed as well.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      17-Mar-2017 -> 1 Week Countdown to MRRF
      I have been quietly preparing for the build next week. We have done a trial build of all of the mechanicals to ensure all the pieces fit and function. We have wired up and configured the Duet wifi board and other electronics and will soon begin teardown/pack-up for the faire.

      21-Mar-2017 -> 4 More Days Until MRRF 2015
      The time is fast approaching and things have progressed for the pre-build trials. Here are some preparation pictures. Rest assured, we will disassemble this thing (except for a few items) and put it all back together again on 3/25 and 3/26.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Link to Live Build YouTube Channel (Subscribe now and be ready for Saturday) DreD Bot Build

      Build images from the MRRF 2017 event will be posted here... https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/kCG_FE
      1. Special Notes

        Link to YouTube channel for Live Build video from MRRF 2017... DreD Bot Build
        Build Images will be found here... https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/kCG_FE
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    This D-bot is being built primarily for my nephew. The forum that we have chosen to present the build, however, is to demonstrate the build for others to observe, allowing them to ask questions and see a build first hand. This may not go smoothly, or it may just fall together like a well laid out plan. And, that is the nature of 3D printing in general. Hopefully, I can teach others something new and learn more in the process.

    Inspired by

    Spauda01's work on Core-xy D-bot and others that developed the original core-xy machines.
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