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      This is my first 3D printer build, I have re-purposed many of the parts from my Linear OX build.

      I'm using MGN 12 linear rails on all three axis, 5 start lead screws on the Z axis and I'm going to experiment with 5 start lead screw on the X axis.

      3D-Printer-FrontView.JPG 3D-Printer-BackView.JPG 3D-Printer-Z-AxisMotorMount.JPG 3D-Printer-ExtruderMotorMount.JPG 3D-Printer-Y-AxisMotorMount.JPG

      The frame plates are made from 1/8" laser cut mild steel, & open builds extrusion.

      3DPrinterFrame1.jpeg 3DPrinterFrame2.jpeg

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    To make custom parts for Sim Racing. OpenSimRigs.com
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