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      So it begins! After much impatience on my part, my Lead CNC kit arrived today.

      Here is the box, just being unpacked. I've got to say, I'm already impressed. The packaging was done with absolute care. Every small package individually wrapped, and the external carton reinforced several different ways. Inside the package was also the material pick list and handwritten inventory.


      I'll endeavor to keep this build updated.

      Okay, I'm super stoked and need to start going through the parts. After a complete inventory recheck, I'm going to start laying the materials out for assembly.

      After a couple days of not being able to work on it due to work and stuff, we got started last night. My son and nephew got all the parts laid out and began.
      20190313_204838.jpg 20190313_204832.jpg

      We got a bit of a late start and honestly were going kind of slow due to being extra careful, and a few errors. We managed to get the X and Y plates built up.

      Got a couple hours in last night and about three more today. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I think some of that is me, being careful. I've also had a few things I had to do twice because I misunderstood the instructions.

      The video is excellent. I think a graphical PDF build guide would be wonderful (think Lego set instructions/graphics), but I'm sure that would be expensive. One tip I would offer is to have the SketchUp model open while building so that you can look at it in detail and make sure you're doing it right. Specific areas where a still picture would be good would be images of the V-Slot base pieces with the nuts laid out in the slots to give a better idea of where they needed to be.

      Here are some updated pictures from today.

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