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      Hello !
      This is my very first OpenBuilds build. It's based on the Maximus 3D Printer, published by mytechno3d : good source of inspiration ! :thumbsup:

      - structure : a cube made of v-slots rails [20x20] x 50 cm long
      - power supply : 12V
      - Y axis : 2 motors NEMA 23 stepper
      - X axis : 1 motor NEMA 23 stepper
      - Z axis : C-Beam 650 cm long
      - full metal hotend extruder
      - RAMPS 1.4
      - Freaduino Mega 2560 v1.2
      - 5 Stepstick Drivers A4988
      - 3 endstops on PCB with LED
      - 1 screen contrôler LCD

      - I do not have printed cable chains. For the moment, I used tubes of polystyrene made for thermal insulation of copper water pipes (cheap and efficient !) to group cables together.

      - [42 cm long] x [30 cm large] x [30 cm high]
      1. Special Notes


        (if anyone can help, that would be very nice of you !)

        My build is almost done (I still have to replace the actual heating bed by a large silicon heating resistance). The rest is ok, and has been verified before to start it up.

        I uploaded the Marlin I got for my Prusa i3 Firmware using the Arduino software (for the moment, I did not change anything in the sketch).

        I use Arduino software to upload the firmware, and Repetier Host to control the machine with my PC.

        the extruder heats up
        the heating bed heats up
        the extruder ventilation works fine

        … but the motors do not move at all !

        I tried to disconnect and reconnect every cables : same results … / I used another Marlin (the one used for the BQ's Prusa i3 Hephestos) : it does not make any difference …

        MY SKILLS
        I am "almost good" to design the mechanical parts … but I am a beginner for the electronics and computing aspects of the design.

        HELP !
        So, if one can help, that would be very nice of you !
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I already built a Prusa i3, and I needed a larger 3D printer for prototyping. I found the Maximum 3D printer, published by Mytechno3D. Good source of inspiration, so, I decided to build one as well.

    Inspired by

    Maximus 3D Printer published by Mytechno3d
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