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      I had been planning on a Sphinx build for nearly a year before I pulled the trigger, about a month before OB started selling Sphinx kits, SMH. Anyway my build is a standard 1000mm x 750mm Sphinx based on Kyo's original sphinx.

      I've gone to great lengths to keep my build cheap as I wait for the OB Black Box to be released. Running Grbl on Arduino with a Grbl shield. I used a Form 2 printer at work to print hold downs, Arduino fan mount, and anti-backlash nuts (surprisingly they work really well).

      Aside from still struggling a bit with Fusion CAM/post, I have to tweak my G-Code a bit every time, my build is working great. Next steps include a larger spoil board, and upgrading to a Dewalt or Bosch router. Thanks OpenBuilds team, and I keep us posted on Black Box. Cant wait!
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