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      I really had no plan on documenting this build mostly because I had no real plan. All I knew was what I wanted.
      It had to be big i ended up choosing 1000mm x 1500mm x 800.
      I wanted to do everything 3d printing, routing, aluminum milling, lazer engraving.
      And I wanted it to be fun.
      So i begun the work by trying different rail set ups. The reason i went with the dual rails was for pure stability. Wanting to do 3d printing i wanted to have more then a couple inches of z. 20180111_151501.jpg
      I used c beam for my z legs using 8mm lead screws. On both sides to drive the gantry up and down.
      Everything else is using gt3 belts and i intend to use nema 23s or bigger 20180111_151533.jpg
      The rail hanging from the wall is going to carry all the cable and tubing for the gantry
      It can sway and there will be a small slide on the rail.
      The electrical is planned with multiple metal boxes and break outs. Here are some pictures , keep in mind im still lacking the majority of electronics.
      Herr is a 12v power supply with a ac line filter on it.
      This is my main box it will hold the brain board that will break out into my motor and endstop boxes.


      A 24 pin plug will come into the box then run into barrier diodes break out to the motors everything is shielded and grounded. Here is the 24 pin cable.
      I stripped and pulled back the grounds and used some braided copper to connect them.

      I put heat resistan sleave on each set of 2 as well as heat shrink. Then soldered them to the plug.
      I put a large ferrite core around then end for extra protection. After wrapping electrical tape to make a stop i put heat shrink over it.

      2018-01-11 15.59.59.jpg
      2018-01-11 16.00.36.jpg

      I have a 2.2kw spindle but without 220v i have to run it witch will be in the future.
      Im going to try a pc water cooling system for the spindle. 20180111_151721.jpg
      I have a vacuum pump and a air venture for a vacume table system that im building here id a vacuume pad as well as my selenoids
      2018-01-11 16.04.44.jpg

      And the endstops i chose
      The end stop box will be alot like the motor box just with opto couples instead of diodes.

      This is a few pictures of my hotends for when i 3d print.

      This is all i can really think about right now. If anyone has questions please ask.
      1. Special Notes

        This has been one heck of a journey
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    To challenge myself, ive always wanted to