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      I will fill start populating this area once my design is finalized.

      Updated 4-15-2016
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      Well, I started this build a very long time ago, and to be honest I got so tied up infinishingit and posting it on Thingi that I simply never made it back here to update anything. It's been completed and is being used by dozens people all over the world (last guy was in Spain..pretty cool :).

      I couldn't be more pleased with the results and the reception by the Folgertech community has been outstanding. I have since added two Generations of the X-Carriage upgrade as well.

      In-lieu-of writing in up the build again, or simply doing a copy/paste I'll just provide links to the Thingi Post, which will provide all the model files, a BOM and the ongoing dialog between myself and other builds.

      if you venture over to my Thingi Page it might be a good time to check out my other projects that utilize various OB hardware or are related to the V-Slot rail system.

      Thanks to Mark and OB for supply the basic hardware needed to get these upgrades done :)

      MakerSL - Sonnylowe Thingi If you like my designs, please follow me :)

      Folgertech Prusa i3 2020 X-Axis Upgrade Gen-2 (Openbuilds V-Slot Rail System)

      Folgertech Prusa i3 2020 X-Axis Upgrade (Openbuilds V-Slot Rail System)

      Folgertech Prusa i3 2020 Y-Axis Upgrade (Openbuilds V-Slot Rail System)

      BTW: These upgrades although specifically designed the Folgertech Printer, they should transcend into other Prusa i3 models and well as any 2020 based printer.

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    The LM8UU Linear bearings are cheap, noisy and unreliable. To find quality replacement are way too expensive and I'm not sure they would be any less noisy. I am currently using the Drylin Solid bearings with reasonable success, however the thought of using quality ball bearing and a linear rail is very attractive.
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