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      The Board in my 3D Printer.


      I flash the new "Marlin" Firmware to the Echinus board.
      Homepage: http://www.echinus.org/
      Download - New Config Tool: http://www.2printbeta.de/download/Echinus_config_marlin.exe
      Download - New Marlin Firmware: http://www.2printbeta.de/download/Echinus_Marlin_printupy_single_0.6.hex

      The new setting are easy to make with the Config Tool.

      Echinus config Marlin.jpg

      Here my Print Test! - Batrang


      SAM_5731.JPG SAM_5802.JPG SAM_5735.JPG Repetier Host.jpg

      The Echinus Board work not so good with "Teacup Firmware" and the "Repetiet Host" Print Program.
      But with the new "Marlin Firmware" and "Repetier Host" I get very good results!

      I must change the Limit switch from a "opener" to a "colser".


      My conclusion is that the Echinus Board ist good to use for CNC Machines.
      Following some Information about the Echinus Board!

      Link - User manual: http://www.echinus.org/wp-content/uploads/User-manual-Echinus-V1.7a-English-V001.pdf

      Echinus V1.7a offers versatile functions for CNC positioning machines. The device is especially designed for multi axis actuating machines and can be used in a wide range of applications, where accurate positioning is required. 3D printers, robotic equipment and other systems with bipolar steppermotors can be attached and controlled.

      V1.7a is the first available Echinus Board with following features:
      • Independent microcontroller based system
      • Six bipolar 1.5 A stepper motor drivers
      • 3 high current switches with up to 10A per Switch
      • Two fan outputs with up to 2.6 A (total)
      • Overall continuous load current = 12 A (20 A Peak)
      • SD card connector
      • USB bootloader for easy firmware updates
      • I2C interface and 8 pins for extensions
      • 5V (200 mA) and 3.3V (100 mA) for external logic devices
      • Galvanically isolated serial interface (USB)
      • Powered by ATX2.2 standard power supply with ATX24 connector
      • High side current measurement
      • Onboard temperaturesensor for microcontroller
      • Independent overtemperature shutdown
      • Undervoltage shutdown
      • Programmable shutdowns via microcontroller (overcurrent, temperature, watchdog)
      • 6 analog in- and outputs, several other I/Os
      • Free available software development kit, drivers and sources.
      • FAT32 filesystem for SD card supported in firmware

      Echinus 2.jpg
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