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      While on the search for parts to build a large format printer I stumbled upon OpenBuilds' C-Beam. I realized the C-Beam Linear Actuator bundle was an entire "leg" for the lack of a better term of the recently available Trinus. And while the Trinus is a rigid tank of a printer it is small, the extruder assembly blocks the view during printing and the controller board doesn't have open firmware limiting modification.

      As an exercise I started modeling a bigger rigid tank of a printer. The idea being that the C-Beam architecture could be setup and others could then put their favorite extruder/hotend and controller board on it. And since the OpenBuild Hardware is also used to build CNC mills, I'm hoping this design can then also do some light duty milling (Printed Circuit Boards for example). For my build I'll be using the Duet WiFi and Prometheus HotEnd & Dual Extrusion system.

      This build is still in the early stages but it all seems very feasible. The first step will be acquiring 4 C-Beam bundles and assembling them.

      As it stands right now this is parts list:

      OpenBuilds Hardware

      (4) 500mm OpenBuilds C-Beam Linear Actuator Bundle
      (5) 20x40 Linear Open Beam 1000mm
      (1) 24V /14.6A Meanwell Power Supply
      (3) Micro Limit Switch Kit with Mounting Plate
      (1) Build Plate

      Heated Build Area

      (1) Heated Bed
      (1) Glass Plate 360mm x 400mm


      (1) Duet Wifi
      (1) PanelDue w/ 7" LCD

      Hotend / Extruder

      (1) Prometheus Hotend System (Dual Extrusion)

      Currently the expected build volume is around 360x400x400mm using the 500mm OpenBuild C-Beam bundles. Larger could be accomplished by using the 1000mm C-Beam but testing "small" first.
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    Wanted something with a larger build volume and open enough to tweak, change and modify easily.
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