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      OX build based on the original OX design. Cutting area is about 25" x 40".

      I used NEMA23s for X, Y, and Z, and xPRO CNC controller with standard ATX power supply. It's complete now, I think! I have added limit switches for homing, dust shoe, Z axis probe, and my favorite thing is the ShuttleXpress jog pendant that works with Chilipeppr. It is awesome!

      Overall view:

      Built a cord keeper out of black pipe. Has a union coupler so it can swivel:

      Tried to do a nice job with the wiring, but I left one of the limit switch connections out of the drag chain:

      xPRO CNC Controller in enclosure with disconnects for the motors, push buttons for functions, and an emergency stop button. Powered by ATX power supply. There is an extra fan on the backside of the controller enclosure, and heat sinks on the driver chips. Also a jack for the Z axis probe:

      Z axis probe bits - piece of brass and alligator clips:

      Jog/shuttle wheel. This is the ultimate upgrade. Designed to work with Chilipeppr. Fabulous!:

      You can see the Z axis limit switch here, and the idler wheels added for the X axis in the background:

      Early test cut of the Openbuilds logo in some scrap poplar:
      1. Special Notes

        I made good use of the OXCalculator spreadsheet from @SergeE. It really made the ordering process simple. I wound up with not too many extras or reorders.
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    Reason for this Build

    Have been looking at CNC machines for a while. Wanted to build one, but could never find the right combination of features, size and cost. Then I saw the original Ox build, and the rest is now history.

    Inspired by

    OX, myOX
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