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      The frame build was fairly easy, had to get instructions only on how to put the router gantry plate together. My advice would to have build instructions in hand before starting. Overall I would say this was fairly easy.
      The electronics was a little difficult , but after a few trial & errors , all worked. Still need to wire up limit switches and learn how to create something. The dust collector was made by hand (since I have not yet learned how to cut) out of plastic / carbon fiber , seems to be pretty strong. The hose holder came out really well , made from 20x20 AE with a few bearings for wheels / swivel.
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        Any help with some simple cut files would be appreciated
        [email protected]
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    Looking add had a little flare to some of my project. Anyone wishing to help a guy out. Looking for a few simple sample file that can help me start cutting

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