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      IMG_20151129_144457.jpg IMG_20151129_144510.jpg IMG_20151129_144526.jpg IMG_20151129_144925.jpg IMG_20151129_145517.jpg IMG_20151129_145534.jpg IMG_20151129_145616.jpg IMG_20151129_145807.jpg IMG_20151129_145821.jpg [ I started messing around with 4th axis, trying to fit it into my ox.. That was a failure, mostly because of my shortcomings. I decided to start from scratch after I saw the openbuilds C beam machine.
      I don't have any skills with drawing programs, so this was all done on the fly. Design as you go!

      I decided to build it using the CBeam as a basis. I basically wanted to be able to turn about half a metre, because I really want build a statuette of the young lady about 2 feet tall! I saw it being done somewhere on you tube, but I can't remember where.

      I bought packages from openbuilds just changing the length to 1 m and leaving the Z the same.
      A big problem with doing design on-the-fly in Australia is that it's a long way from any spare parts I may need! I had built a large 3-D printer so I had a lot of extrusion when I pulled it apart. Anything I needed had to come from that, plus the 2 kits for the X and Z.

      The Index chuck & tailstock came from eBay. The chuck is a 3 jaw centering chuck. I should have had a 4 jaw chuck, but I didn't! It's driven by a nema 23 with a belt & pulley drive at 6:1.Both it & the tailstock have a 40 mm wide slot, 3 mm deep, in the base, so I got an aluminium bar 40*3*1000 mm to use as a guide to keep them aligned. Haven't quite figured out how to handle moving the tailstock, but I am leaning toward having 3 or 4 sets of holes to bolt it into the range of the tailstock adjustment, to suit a requirement for a job. Open to suggestions there!

      The parts duly arrived a few weeks ago and I got stuck into it. The Bundle packs are great! I imitated the mounting posts from CBeam, but then used whatever I had to fabricate the rest.
      Hopefully my attempts at photography will help explain what I've done.
      I strengthened the old computer desk put an extra 20 mm mdf on the top. I will bolt it all down, then wire it up, hopefully using the XPRO card.

      I use Vectric software to prepare code & Grbl controller to drive it. XXXXX Wrong! Wrong!

      Note my joins for the longer extrusions!

      Finally figured out how to mount the chuck & tailstock. It's all bolted down & the X axis is parallel! Wow, that was my biggest worry, but it turned out to be quite easy. The photos show it well? I used a 2 mm round end bit in the router, a 90 degree v bit in the chuck. The point of the v bit & the tailstock were in the flute of router bit. There is probably a cleverer way to get there, but that's it for now.
      I got just on 500 mm between points. It would be relatively easy to move the chuck & tailstock outside the existing frame to get a lot more, but it would be too unwieldy , plus I doubt the strength of this setup would handle it

      Sorry this is a bit messy. I couldn't get the update photos to go with the others!

      Discovered GRBL doesn't handle 4th axis. This meant a big change! Replaced XPro card with an AKZ250 from eBay and the free GRBL with Mach3. After a lot of heartache setting up, it is now working very well. So far, turning 70 mm square into 68 mm beautiful round stock with basic Vectric exercises. As soon as I have a presentable model completed, I'll show it off here.

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    Inspired by

    Openbuilds CBeam router
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    2 CBeam linear actuator bundle http://openbuildspartstore.com/bundle-packs/?sort=bestsel... Link One 250mm & one 1000mm
    1 CNC Engraving Router Rotational A 4th Axis http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/sis.html?_nkw=CNC+Engraving+Ro... Link CNC Engraving Router Rotational A 4th Axis 3 Jaw 100mm Chuck+65MM Tailstock
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