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    1. Solomon Greenberg
      5 /5,
      Amazing larger machine for routing and milling aluminum. We're running it with a DeWalt 611 at 17000 RPM (min setting) with 0.02" depth of cut and 25 IPM, and it's cutting 6061 beautifully.
    2. jamesdjadams
      5 /5,
      A fantastic build and build guide. Great work!
    3. Halldor
      5 /5,
      Awesome! Very nice with the details!
    4. AnassL
      5 /5,
      It was a pleasure to read your work on the build instructions, that's what I was looking for to inspire from, I would like to start a similar one but a cartesian style, large enough (my hope is 1500x1000 mm) with C-beam for a good enough precision.
    5. GinoTheCop
      5 /5,
      I indeed am amazed with the design quality and what the machine is promising!. Very detailed instructions with wonderful renders as well. Nothing can go wrong with these instructions for sure!
    6. blindflight
      5 /5,
      What a heck of a build !! Outstanding instructions , material and design...
    7. Charlie B
      5 /5,
      Awesome !! Moag even I as a newbie will feel confident in attempting his build. Just waiting on Mark to release the bundled goodies.
    8. Lee Whiteley
      5 /5,
      An absolute pleasure to read and a superb planning tool for a future project. Thanks!
    9. Hugues Carpentier
      5 /5,
      exactly what I was looking for, large with C-beam and fixed gantry for rigidity, build process is a pleasure to read, can't wait see it completed and to start building my own.
    10. alex_b
      5 /5,
      Simply Incredible. I love the reinforced X-Beam. This is an AWESOME improvement to the already awesome C-Beam system!
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