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      1. UPS delivered a box full of, excitement, anxiety, challenge, and a solid step toward action instead of just sitting back watching everyone else build, reading every CNC page and post on the 'webs, and wondering if this is something I can really make happen. This is way beyond my normal world so its a big commitment for me. Most other builders here seem to be electrical or mechanical engineers or some other "much more qualified than an average dude"-qualified person.

      2. Whew, that was a very strong start. I got everything out of the box and laid it out on the floor. I'm actually feeling good about myself still. Might need to rest for a bit and revel in the success... Not all my projects go so well.

      3. Well, after a couple days of weekend (living alone, 1,800 miles away from my family) have passed and somehow, with the help of a bunch of videos on the openbuilds.com website (watched 47 times), and a constant Netflix marathon of NCIS episodes (paused 47 times to watch the same "Linear Actuator Quick Build" video), I have moved on to step 3.

      3. Put the linear actuators together (several times) before getting it right (at least I think its right). I'll let you all now if it is really right later once it all gets plugged in...

      Lessons learned thus far:
      • Anti-Backlash nuts - Mark Carew's (very helpful) video shows a normal lead screw nut being used. I ordered anti-backlash nuts and there was not a lot of into about using those instead of the normal one until I slowed down and found the info on the parts store page where they are sold.
      • Here's the key part that helped me. Put the nut on the lead screw, then tighten the pin in the ban (anti-backlash nut) until it gets hard to twice the screw through the nut. That is when its tight enough. Just letting it barely touch the other side does not see to get the job done
      • When your lead screw jumps around like a jumprope as you pull the trolley back and forth, you've screwed something up. Time to go backwards in the process and try it out again. Some combination of having the lock nuts out at the ends of the screw in the wrong spot and too tight or too loose of a connection between the trolley plate and the abn is problematic.
      • DO NOT forget to put the spacers between the trolley and the abn. Grrrr.......
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