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      PART 1 - Designing and scrapping items
      So to start with i have been designing the frame in Autodesk inventor, and for now the design is not done to a 100%. I am still thinking of the Z-axis and the motion at the axises, im thinking of using LM12LUU bearings for the Y-axis and a w-wheel gantry for the x-axis

      . mainassambley2.jpg

      The goal is to have somewhere near 120x85 cm cutting area, and also to be able to replace the tube easy when i have more money without rebuild the whole thing. Today i got a hold of two refrigerators to source the steel frome for the enclosure, stainless steel so i belive i will have a good time cutting them to slice to fit the body. Maybe its possible to use the refridigator-element to cool the system as well.


      Today i used an angle grinder to cut the refridgiator to pieces, man that was nasty, one of the fridges had not been cleaned and out in the sun for at least a month, it smelled of dead animal! :p


      But i had some luck, i found lot of copper pipes and chilling blocks, anyone who have an idea of what i can make of these? would the "blue" block in the bottom be enought to chill a 80-100w tube with active fans blowing at it?

      Ordering parts
      I have been looking around and reading quite a bit at the internet for parts, the parts used can be found in the BOM in the file section. Today I got an offer on my upgraded K40 laser, so maybe im selling it and using the money to get a 90W Reci-W2 tube instead, im thinking about this package with tube and PSU, about 500-600 dollar plus shipping. I will try to start oredring the parts for the frame and brackets next week, then i will have vaccation for 2 weeks, so hopefully the parts for the frame will have arrived when im back home again. Anyone have any experience in shopping at Wavetop sign, do you recomend them to get the laser parts from?

      Have ordered the everything except the tube and PSU today, still not sure if i will go for the RECI W2 Tube or the EFR ZS 1250 80w. So now its just start waiting for the stuff to arrive. And then start the assambley! :) Will proberly turn the tube the other way to be able to get the full length of a 80-100 tube

      Yesterday I realized that i would not fit a regular standard board since the Z-axis bracket was taking space from the cutting area so i made the lid 50 mm wider, so total size of lid is now 1248 and the gap is 1250, i also decided to go with a ruida DSP 6442G controller, drivers and motors for it, and a linear rail on the X-axis to be able to get higher speed at that direction. I also have a friend that offered me to try his bruschless motor with the odrive chipset, that would be pretty cool as well, but i haven´t decided yet. Since i want to be able to access the tube and electronics i wish to be able to remove those panels easy, so i will proberly go for stainless in the bottom, front side and backside of the machine and plexiglass at the other sides. So i made a new render today to get a clue how it would look like :) so this is would it will look like when it is done
      redesign again.jpg
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