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      I wanted to give her a Canadian name like Musk OX but Larry, AK beat me to it. The design of the machine is OX-like but it has my own twists added in. The build volume is 1M3 which normally would not work for a milling/routing machine because of the torque developed with such a long Z axis. The spindle is mounted on a 250mm C rail and there are 2 Z axis, the whole X beam is mounted on 2 - 1000mm C rails for the main Z axis. Hopefully it will be ridged enough to do the job, otherwise I will have to make some mods. The Y axis is pretty standard except that it has open rails with 30mm X 90mm extrusions on each side with 4 X 4 wheels on each Y plate, Y drive is belt and pinion. There is a subframe of 20mm X 40mm 1M2 which also becomes the base for the work deck. The unit is open on each end so it is expandable as far as you can afford to go in 1M sections. The X axis has two 30mm X 90mm carried by the C rail on each end. The X axis carriage is basic OX.

      Unfortunately I don't have a drawing as I am still learning how to use SketchUp, if you could read my mind you would see a holographic image floating around looking for a way out. My source of material for my plates and brackets is off-cuts from the local aluminum boat factory, $2.50/LBS. I have assembled the Y axis rails and carriage and the C rail Z axis and am working on the brackets for the subframe. I just ordered the parts for the large Z axis.

      I have added photos, mostly to give a rough idea of form. I am waiting for my Z2 Axis parts. They should be here tomorrow. They are the "C" channels and wheels, etc. The Z2 will rise from the YAxis and carry the X Axis Beams which carry the Z1 Axis "C" channel Actuator. I hope to make some major steps this week.

      I received another order from OB today, got the other 3 pcs of 20x40 for the base and 2 actuator plates that I had neglected to order previously. The "C" channels for the Z2 Axis should be here tomorrow or Thurs. I also get my BasePlate tomorrow from Lifetimer Boats 40" X 40" X ⅜" Aluminum Plate and 2 - 2" X 2" X 3/16 X 40" Angle for the Y Axis to base connection. I started with 2 - 2" X 2" X 3/16 X 2" long brackets but decided to make a solid end to end bracket.

      While shopping for bolts at Fastenal I discovered they have Acme rod, ¾ for CDN$ 5.00/ft it comes in 6' lengths. They also had 1" but I didn't ask.
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    I wanted a multi-purpose, large, extendible sturdy machine.

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    All the other innovative machines on this site.
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