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      A build made only with openBuilds hardware and a printed part to hold the E3DV6 extrusion tool.
      Electronics is the traditional Arduino Mega 256 with RAMPS 1.4 and RepRap discount display.

      Auto-levelling is achieved with a BL-Touch.
      I had a little problem with this one, sometimes when the pin is moved up it goes down immediately and the BL-Touch is in error. I had to tweak the Marlin firmware to handle this as when it happens, auto-levelling is bad and you have to restart the whole process after having manually stopped the print.

      I had tried a chinese E3DV5 hotend but finally I bought an official E3DV6, I wasn't convinced by the quality of the copy.

      To lighten the X axis that supports the printhead, I'm using a Bowden hotend.

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    • CERN (CERN-OHL1.2+) Open Hardware Licence

    Reason for this Build

    I've built this printer because my first one was 6 years old (a Reprap second generation) and the quality of the prints was not always good. Moreover, the bed levelling was really a pain.

    As an Open distributor, it was a good opportunity to use the OpenBuilds hardware.

    Inspired by

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