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      UPDATE (12-1-14): I was going to build this machine geared toward milling aluminum plate. After much thought and discussion with some knowledgeable people here I have decided that it would be more trouble than it's worth to get this design to machine aluminum accurately enough for my needs. Therefore I have decided to scale back this design a bit and use it for cutting plastic and wood. It will still be "slightly beefier" than the original OX design but a lot less "beefier" than I was initially planning. In the mean time I will be designing and building another machine for my aluminum milling adventures.

      Warning: This is a build in progress, therefore dynamic, and subject to revision.

      The "Parts List" below will be dedicated to the parts I order from the OpenBuilds Part Store. Everything else will be documented elsewhere in this Build Log.

      I will be using the "standard" OX plates and 4 Nema 23 Steppers for this build so I ordered a set of CNC'd Aluminum Gantry Plates, 2-Nema 23 Z-Axis Threaded Rod Plates, a set of Aluminum V-slot Spacer Blocks, and 4 CNC 5-hole Joiner Plates from Chris Laidlaw on Ebay (chrisclub1).

      I decided to go with a taller Z-axis X-plate design that Mark Carew (kram242) came up with, as well as some custom made 4-Wheel Aluminum Spacers that Chris Laidlaw designed to go along with the taller plate. I have been working closely with Chris on this part of my build. He does top notch work and I have been very happy with the results thus far. He is located in California and ships very fast.


      • Openbuilds-OX-CNC-Aluminum-Gantry-Plates $150.00
      • Openbuilds-OX-CNC-Z-Axis-Nema-23-Threaded-Rod-Plates $ 24.00
      • Openbuilds-OX-CNC-v-slot-Spacer-Blocks $ 12.00
      • Openbuilds-OX-CNC-5-hole-Joiner-Plates $ 24.00
      • Custom Super-X Plate (taller Z-axis X-plate) Original design by Mark Carew (kram242) modified for my use, and machined for me by Chris Laidlaw (contact him at [email protected] if interested in pricing/availability)
      • Custom 4-Wheel Spacer Blocks designed and machined for me by Chris Laidlaw (contact him at [email protected] if interested in pricing/availability)
      • 3 Custom 1/8" Aluminum Nema 23 Spacer Plates (My own design, machined for me by Chris Laidlaw)
      Total: $210.00

      Y-Axis Frame:

      The Y-axis frame consists of:

      X-Axis Gantry:
      (3) 20x60 V-Slot 750mm in length bolted together for rigidity ($15.50 ea).
      (1) 20x40 V-Slot 750mm in length ($13.00)
      (2) Custom 1/8" Aluminum Nema 23 Spacer Plates (see above)
      (10) Cast 90-Degree Corner Brackets ($1.50 ea.)
      (10) M5x8mm Low-Profile Screws
      (12) Tee Nuts
      (10) M5x10mm Low-Profile Screws
      (18) M5x25mm Low Profile screws (taken from wheel kits)
      (10) M5 Nylon Lock Nuts

      (2) Nema 23 Custom 1/8" Spacer (see above)
      (2) X-axis Gantry Plates (see above)


      (1) 20x60 V-Slot ~300mm in length (Left over from X-axis Gantry Frame)
      (1) T8x8 Metric Lead Screw ~300 mm in Length ($10.00)
      (1) 1/4"(6.35mm)x8mm Flex Coupler ($5.95)
      (2) 688zz Bearings
      (2) 8mm Washers
      (1) 8mm ACME Nut Block
      (2) Nema 23 Motor Mount Plates (see above)
      (2) Z-axis Gantry Plates (see above)
      (1) Nema 23 Custom 1/8" Spacer (see above)
      Stepper Motors:
      (4) Nema 23 175 oz-in Stepper Motors from the part store $25.00 ea

      Power Supply:

      Stepper Drivers:


      Spindle: Bosch 1617 2HP Router $124.00 on amazon

      Control Software: I will be using LinuxCNC(EMC2) software on a purpose built PC.

      This section is dedicated to the people who helped me along the way.
      I would like to thank:

      @Robert Hummel for answering questions about Water Cooled Spindles and VFD's.

      @kram242 (Mark Carew of the OpenBuilds Team) for his wonderful designs.
      @Travis for sharing his experience with the challenges of milling aluminum on his OX.
      @Chris Laidlaw for machining my plates and custom parts
      1. Special Notes

        1. When using 1/4" Gantry plates, the standard 25mm M5 low profile screws in the Openbuilds V Wheel kit need to be replaced with 30mm M5 low profile screws.

        2. The double wheel construction on the X axis requires 70mm M5 Screws. In my case I will need 90mm M5 low profile screws.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    I need a machine capable of machining 24"x24" Aluminum Plate. I'll be using this machine for machining acrylic, garolite, and wood.

    Inspired by

  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    34 OpenBuilds Xtreme Solid V Wheel Kits http://openbuildspartstore.com/openbuilds-xtreme-solid-v-... Link A wheel made of polycarbonate designed with strength and longer wear in mind.
    2 Low Profile M5 Screw - 30mm Length (10 pcs) http://openbuildspartstore.com/low-profile-screws-m5/ Link These are used to assemble the V-Wheel to the X-Axis Gantry Plates
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